minimize distraction and finger pointing, measure what matters

Measure marketing’s impact on sales

Stop the finger pointing between sales and marketing
once and for all.

We’re here to help. We’ve felt the pain of the war between sales and marketing far too much.

With the Barlele Growth Dashboards you will know in real-time how your revenue team is performing, from the top of funnel to the bottom of funnel.

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Understand what is happening at the top of your marketing funnel. Integrate multiple marketing channels into one place.


Track engagement metrics that happen in the middle of the sales cycle. Understand if people are reacting to your content marketing.

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Understand how TOFU and MOFU affect the bottom line. Is your marketing driving sales and having a revenue impact?

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This ebook breaks down the problems that arise when marketing and sales teams do not have proper access to good data. It offers solutions to create data-driven conversations between sales and marketing.

Can't We All Get Along?

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Driving collaboration between sales and marketing with data-driven conversations

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Nurture prospects in your sales funnel, measure impact quickly.


Collaborate and make data-driven decisions to fuel growth.


Share reporting and revenue metrics across teams.


Optimize your marketing and sales programs quickly.

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