Find your own branding + Growth Flight path to achieve lift-off

Say the right things

We can help you Message what Matters Most to your core target audience. Once you start saying the right things, their ears will perk up. Our Brand Kickstart will get you on the right path.

Get Your Pitch On Point & Sell Your Story

With the Pitch Perfect package, we'll help you get your pitch deck and presentation materials working for you.

Measure the Impact

How will you know if your brand personality and awareness efforts are working for you? We're partnered with MyDash to give you business performance metrics..

Effective Design

From logo creation to social media templates to podcast cover art, we'll help you look sharp when you show up. Our Brand Kickstart will get you on your way to looking like the big deal that you are.

Podcast Branding & Micro Content Videos

Want to start a podcast but need some help envisioning the storyline, tone and even what to call the thing? We can help with the Podcast Launcher Kit. We'll also take your podcast and turn them into social promo videos to build your brand.

Custom help?

Have some other branding projects in mind? We can develop the right system and plan for you. From web design, custom logos and custom messaging workshops, we can help.

Want to talk about your brand?

We're a collaborative of brand enthusiasts,
brand believers, sales and marketing folks, designers, and writers.

Taylor Shanklin photo

Taylor Shanklin


Founder of Barlele, Taylor has been leading brand strategy and marketing teams, and helping organizations scale their marketing strategy for over 14 years. She is a TEDx speaker, podcast host and big believer in focusing on what matters most to your audience in order to achieve lift-off and grow. Taylor will work with you to understand your unique value and translate that into words, imagery and stories that produce positive results.

Brittani Kroog Headshot

Brittani Kroog

 Head Designer

Brittani is an award-winning Creative Director and Designer with experience in advertising, marketing, print, interactive design and photography. She believes in delivering outstanding design and collaborative experiences while working with clients through the design process. As Head Designer for Barlele, Brittani helps bring the brand vision to a creative reality.

Bethel Dacula Photo

Bethel Dacula

Marketing manager

Bethel is a growth marketing strategist and brand enthusiast. She helps organizations focus on strategic ways to grow awareness around their core business by strengthening their digital presence and improving existing business processes with innovative processes. She believes that good branding is your great competitive advantage. Bethel helps Barlele clients with strategic marketing plans as well as social media strategy, planning and social media engagement.

Pia Payne Headshot

Pia Payne


Pia is a long-time, all-around copywriting pro. She has built a career in the social impact sector; you might even know her from her rebrand of Fundraising Success magazine to Nonprofit Pro. Her copywriting has raised countless dollars for nonprofit organizations. (Fun fact! Her acquisition letter for the International Fundraising Committee has been their control for three years running.) She writes with the emotional mindset of the audience in mind in order to compel them to action.

Choose your path

Find the right package + flight path for your branding and growth needs.

(Don’t see exactly what you need here? Reach out to us.)

Man giving a sales presentation

Pitch On Point

We will help you get your pitch deck and story on point. This package includes discovery to learn about your unique value, a pitch storyline and a new pitch deck.

Computer with a logo design program open

Brand KickStart

With this package, we’ll workshop with you how to best position your products and services through compelling logo design, a clear brand story, brand guidelines and templates

Woman recording a podcast

Launch Pad

This package includes your podcast brand, theme, cover art and episode art templates.

Yes! Let's definitely talk about my brand

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