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We help growth-focused businesses, startups and entrepreneurs get their brand, pitch and authentic voice on point. 

Barlele (bar·lay·lay) means: only soaring. By minimizing distractions and maximizing on the things that matter most to your audience, you will achieve lift-off and grow.

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In Spring 2020, I drafted Taylor to speak at my trade association’s first-ever virtual conference. I already knew she would do a great job, having followed her for some time before that, and gotten rave reviews about her from some mutual colleagues. Well, big surprise – Taylor’s program on personal branding got the highest scores of the entire two-day conference. As a matter of fact, I immediately recruited Taylor to help my own personal branding. Act fast; she’s getting overbooked, people.​

Bristol Strategy Group, Ellen Bristol
Taylor Shanklin

The Who + Why Behind Barlele

We’re a collaborative of creative thinkers, designers and digital marketing nerds. Founded by digital growth and marketing veteran, Taylor Shanklin, we believe that no matter how big or small you are, you deserve a stellar brand.

Barlele (bar·lay·lay) means: only soaring. We are dedicated to helping your business lift off and soar. By focusing your brand on what matters the most to your target audience, helping you speak to them in an authentic way and showing up as your best self, you will turn heads and generate growth.

Taylor’s brilliance lies in her even, methodical approach to growth and marketing. Growth and marketing, particularly that introduces a software product in a very mature industry, is the ultimate challenge. Taylor took the waves in stride and led us to a messaging & offer combination that got the job done in no time.

Pinchforth, Nick Petros

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Barlele: only soaring

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